• To all coaches: I would like for all of you to reach out to your employers and ask for a donation of items or goods for us to use as door prizes for our upcoming banquet.

  • All team MVPs should be submitted by Saturday (9/22). Headcounts for the banquet also should be submitted ASAP.

  • The banquet for the 2018 season will be held on 10/19 at the JB Carr Family Community Center (681 Taylor St Conyers, GA). This will be a catered event and the cost to attend will be $10 per person; children under the age of 6 will be free. The doors will open at 7 PM. Coaches, please take a head count for your team. If is important to know how many people will attend for the caterer. Please do this ASAP; 10/5 will be the deadline. Thank you in advance.
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