East Metro Baseball League

Dont go soft, play hardball!!!

League   # 770 788 8077
Rainout # 770 788 7985

     Coolray Spring Tournament on June 13.                                                                                                                                                                                   DEADLINE for EMBL regular season payment: May 1.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Schedule out May 6, season starts May 12


* The EMBL was founded in 2003 to provide adult baseball on the east side of Atlanta for adults. It's part of the national Men's Senior Baseball League. Two age divisions- 18+ and 35+.

* Most of our games are played on week nights, at Salem HS or Newton HS. Games start at 7:30 PM.

* Most players have some previous baseball experience, such as Little League, rec ball, high school or college. A few have played professional ball.

* We welcome new teams! To enter your team or join an existing team, email johngambs@mindspring.com
or call 770 788 8077.

* 10-14 teams play each year; we have room for up to 18; we're actively seeking more teams in 2015

* Most players have had previous experience in rec ball, high school, travel ball, college and a few played pro ball

* How fast are the pitchers? In the 35+division, most throw in the 70's or slower; in the 18+ in the 80's.

* Bats? Wood bats only in the 35+ division; BBCOR or wood in the 18+ division. No metal bats allowed.

* This is not a "win-at-all-costs" league. The joy of playing baseball and the comraderie is what it's all about!


  • Winter Practice Games: Every Sunday afternoon from 1:30-4:30 PM at Salem HS or Newton HS. All invited, league players and non-league players. Email johngambs@mindspring.com if you wish to play. $3 per person.
  • Coolray Spring Tournament: 2 play-in games on April 11-12, then the top 6 teams advance to Coolray Stadium for finals on April 25. $45 per player, payable on this website.
  • May 15-September: Regular season. Play 14 games once per week on week nights (M-THURS) at Salem HS or Newton HS. $239 per player, credit card/cash/check.
  • All Star Games: 18+Division and 35+ Divison contests- late July. HR Contests precede the games. Players are selected by players or managers. Salem HS or Newton HS.
  • Playoffs: Sept 1 thru early Oct. All series are best 2 of 3 except the play-in games. Fee is included in regular season fee.
  • EMBL Coolray Stadium Tournament: Late October. Play two "play-in games" at Salem HS or Newton HS, then 6 teams play in the finals at Coolray Stadium, the Braves AAA stadium in Gwinnett. $540 per team ($45 or less per player)
  • End of year banquet: Early November. Golden Corral, Conyers. Trophies, guest speakers, lots of food! $5 per person, children are free

LEAGUE PHONE: 770 788 8077
RAINOUT NUMBER: 770 788 7985